Going thru withdrawal pains...

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by vc1111, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. The rain has left the waters muddy. Can't wait for them to clear a bit so we can all get back out there and fish!

    I guess Big Daddy 300 picked the perfect time to take his boat out of the water and refurbish it!
  2. BigDaddy300

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    I made a deal with mother nature so I would not miss much. I even got an event cancelled due to the weather so I would not miss it:D It wont take me long so things should be back to normal soon.:D

  3. I'm on vacation starting in the morning so I hope the weather stabilizes for a while. I need to feel a muskie on the end of my line. Haven't been out in over a week.