Going out tonight!

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  1. Hey there OGF,

    I just thought I would let you all know that the ice fishing season in MN has started and I will be going out tonight on one of the local lakes in Minneapolis.

    We have about 4-6 inches of ice pretty much everywhere, but quite a bit of snow on top.

    I am going to try my luck for some walleyes, or some crappies. Whichever cooperate better.

    I will let you know how I do.
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    If you have a dig camera take some pics to post to make us all jealous !! Good Luck !

  3. it's official, i wanna move to MN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Its tomorrow now. Feel free to update us anytime.
  6. It is cold out here. High pressure, with a high of 3 I think we had today.

    The fishing was pretty good. Caught a few walleyes, and a few crappie too. Mostly fished lake shore structure and had a good dusk bite.

    It felt really awesome to be out on the ice again drilling holes and catching fish. We had about 5-7 inches of ice most places, but lots of snow on top. Enough to make some water come up through the holes when you drilled. I hate early ice, as it makes me nervous, but felt safe out there. The cold in the next week will only make the ice thicker.

    I forgot my camera, but plan on going again after work a couple nights this week.
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    What lakes are you fishing? I was born there, we lived on Crystal Bay on Lake Minnetonka. My dad and his friends used to actually assemble a small cabin on the ice those days for fishing, drinking and cards. That was a heck of a long time ago and the gills we caught then were like none I've seen since. Old friends still in the area tell us that the lakes still produce huge panfish. Hope you are able to take time to enjoy all that that state has to offer. The winters are tough but the outdoors opportunities that the entire state provides may be second to none. Let me tell you though that the further north you go from where you are the smaller the Walleye seem to be. Way up north, like Lake of the Woods, they catch limits of Walleye but they are all in the 12"-15" range and they are thrilled. They would crap themselves if they went out one night wiyh Virgil at Fishcrazy. Good luck and enjoy.
  8. I have never ventured out to lake Minnetonka to ice fish. I probably should, as I also avoid it in the summer because that lake gets so crazy with drunks and fast boats. I should check it out more often though, as the lake still contains lots of big fish: bass, musky, panfish, walleye, etc.

    I was born and raised here in MN, spent a few years in Cleveland, and recently moved back home this summer. Both places have their fare share of world class outdoor opportunities.

    I mostly stick to the numerous small local lakes in the city of Minneapolis itself. I mostly stick to the smaller lakes as well, as the fish have fewer places to hide.

    The winters are pretty ruthless here, but I find myself enjoying them quite a bit more. I went CC skiing this morning before I went ice fishing today, and its not even half way into december yet.

    I have a soft place in my heart for wonderful people on this fishing board who really helped me out when I was in OH, so if any of you are in MN this winter let me know, I can put you on some fish.
  9. Way to rub it in Chode, just kidding. Good luck and welcome to the board. Bo

  10. I have been around here for quite some time, I spent a few years in Cleveland. And not to really rub it in, but to get you guys ready for the ice that is surely on its way... :)

    Went out yesterday too. The fishing has been slow if it makes you feel better.