goin to east branch sunday

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  1. takin my boy any suggestions trolling drifting casting?
  2. This is your first post....welcome to OGF. Hang out here for a while and a lot of helpful info will come your way.

    Sending you a PM about East Branch.

  3. Just exactly where is East Branch?!$
  4. WPM


    If you go north past the islands, you will see a shallow bay on the east side of the lake, just north of that there is deep water right along the shore that often holds crappies - one or two drifts with minnows or beetle spins should tell you if they are there. That area ends in a productive submerged point that is the southern border of a large two-lobed bay that has always been good for crappies and sunfish (tiny tubes or jigs retrieved behind a bobber to avoid the snags). Right across the lake is another bay that is usually worth a try with bass lures.
    Really pretty lake (when the water isn't way down). Good luck - and please post the results of your trip!

  5. just got back from east branch, what a beautiful body of water. didnt catch a thing but had a great time.
  6. That is still my favorite lake over-all, tons of good memories there. How is the water level out there? I drove past Ladue the other day and it looked to be at full pool.
  7. would i be correct in saying why would you wanna waste your time at east branch???????? when they let all the water out didnt pretty much all the fish disappear also? it is a really nice looking place... but looks can be decieving. :confused:
  8. My advice about East Branch- Don't go. Unless you want 4-6in crappie & white bass or you live real close.. There may be a few cats left- but good luck. Last year the lake was so low... you couldn't SEE any water from 322- just a field of weeds.
    Last year, ODNR wanted to put fish structures in the lake but the city of Akron wouldn't allow it. They simply don't care about the fish.