Goin for chrome tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by STUMPY, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. According to the flocharts it doesnt look good, so im goin to hit some feeder streams and hope for some luck! I was wondering if anyone knew of some good streams to fish that wont get me in trouble with any landowners? I dont get a chance to fish for steelies very often and this will probably be my only trip up north to fish untill next fall so I want to make it count. Any help appreciated!
  2. I was at Paine Creek around three days ago. I caught around 12 steelies believe it or not there stacked right at the end of the creek past Indian Point Park..... its of 90 on vrooman road take a left there will be a sign for the park its on a bumpy dirt road and park at the end of the road at the bridge walk down till you get to a waterfall damm style pool then youll know what im talking about hope to see ya stumpy .......,

  3. Hit the small streams today and had a great day of fishin! Fished Big Creek and Kellog creek with my buddy. Both of us landed 5 a piece. biggest was only 6lbs but who really cares! lol Great scenery, a beautiful day, and some tight lines. All mine came on a orange mepps spinner with egg sac, my buddy caught his with egg under a float. IcehuntR thanks for your pm!