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  1. How can the boston celtics play defense like a d@mn foot ball team, it is IMPOSSIBLE to win a game 5 vs 8....the nba is not a sport it is a business and i guess the celtics in the finals will make more money than the cavs upsetting the #1 seed....screw fixed games....
  2. It's the playoffs they let them play a little ruffer. Cleveland needs to make a shot, they can't make a free throw to save a life, and missed shots and not getting the rebounds. It's not the reffs it's the bench for Cleveland.

  3. I didn't see any of that game but I do know that the play in one of the earlier games where Lebron was bearhugged to stop a layup was ridiculous. And that didn't even warrant an intentional foul??:confused: It does seem at times that there is no consistency in the way they call games from one to another.

    I agree they have to make the shots but if they are not getting the calls at times that will put them to the line then how can you make them?;)

    The Cavs still need to develop a game plan that does not require Lebron to both start and finish the play. The NBA guys are just too good to be able to get by without freeing shooters up off screens.
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    LeBron needs help. The Cavs need their version of Scotty Pippen.

    As great as MJ was, the Bulls did not win a championship until Scotty came around.
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    I think the Cavs got some HUGE help from the refs last night so don't start crying. That charge call at the end was rediculous to say the least.
  6. IMHO, a "bearhug" like that should be an automatic 2 points (like goaltending) PLUS a free throw. Even a "hard foul" still affords the opportunity to get the ball in the air with a chance of making the shot. What's the difference between that & laying across the rim to close it off? Something as blatant as wrapping both a shooter's arms up deserves 2 points that are "guaranteed". That type of defense is not deserving of being called basketball.
    End of rant.
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    Wow, you are telling me that the refs were on the side of the Celtics? I watched the games and it seemed to me that LeBron was given the share of calls in Boston and in Cleveland.

    The bear hug foul is very common and does not need an auto 2 points in my opinion. It was also not flagrant, he didn't even hit the floor! Then his mom comes out and makes a fool of herself and of LeBron.

    As for LeBron needing help, I believe they made a mistake getting rid of Drew Gooden and picking up Ben Wallace. Wallace is an offensive liability and hasn't been the same defender since his days with Detroit. Gooden was average on both ends of the court on a nightly basis and had his share of really good nights as well. A player like Scotty Pippen would be a great add to the team, but I haven't seen a player like Pippen, since, well, Pippen. They did a great thing getting rid of Larry Hughes, IMO.

    I will be real surprised if LeBron stays around after his contract is up.

  8. Playoff ball has gotten rediculous. Look at the home records and fouls called. I don't have a dog in this fight as I don't root for any NBA team, but seems to me the home court team gets the majority(all) of the marginal calls.