god finaly gave me a gift this season

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  1. well i took the gamble and headed up to kelleys island this weekend...i saw 8 deer from 1:30 to 4:30. and all really never ran away...lol
    this was by far the crazest hunt....
    i was walking this path i look to my left and here she came walking...yes walking to me....she walked 10yds in front of me and kept walking....so i drawed back give her a grunt and i was a happy hunter!!!!! so all the deer on my tv are safe now...lol
    i started hunting at 1:30 and shot her at 3:05.[​IMG]
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    congrts on getting your fix,scott:)

  3. thanks rick...the way it was lookin i wasnt going to get one this year!
  4. Congrats...that's a good looking Doe.

  5. What road or part of Kelleyes were you off? Right now in the late season, there seems to be more deer on the east side of the island. I've been off the west side near west bay and it's hard to target them somedays.
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    Congrats on the doe . My season has not been good at . I have hunted more this year than I ever have. I think my problem is is that I have my goals set on one particular buck that is still roaming the property I hunt even after gun season. I would settle for a nice doe right now at this point. But I am not going to give up ! I was off work today and decided to go out bowhunting this evening. Saw 2 does about 4:40 and after they disappeared I heard footsteps of a deer but couldnt pinpoint where it was at. Here this buck had slipped in on my right side and was coming my way. He was about to hop a fence to go on the neighbors property and somehow someway I was actually able to call that buck right to me . Just as I was getting to draw back to prepare for the shot he stuck his nose in the air and off he went. After all I have been through this year that was a very discouraging experience. But there is still hope since I was able to experience this one day after gun season. It makes me wonder if the second rut that sometimes come in is going to be good. But I am not going to give up !!!!!! I will say all my bad experiences this year deer hunting has made me a much better hunter. But thats deer hunting for ya !!!!!!
  7. Congrats on the doe.:) My season got off to a late start but there's still hope.
  8. thanks all....
    hunt-n-fish i was over by the airport. the deer are thick over there!!!!
    i hope this helps ya...
    Bulldawg dont give up man...with all the times i've been out this year i've only drew up 2 times and coundn't get the shot off....the guy next door keeps telling me i'm payin my dues!!!! :rolleyes:
    but this hunt was great!!!! even the trip back home...with the boat ride and wind and snow....what fun....lol
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    oh tell the truth...
  10. ok ok ok...the truth is that i will not take a shot that i dont feel is a clean shot....so one night out with eric i past on 3 deer this year one was a nice buck. i was ready to shoot but backed off cuz i didnt have a clear shot...lol
    hows that eric...lol i feel i'm on the road to recovery..lol j/k eric your the best!!!!! :D
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    we wont bring up the first doe that you did not even see :)