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Go Penn State!!!!

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by dmbfanatpsu, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Last time I looked we are Ohio

  2. Must be alumni or SUPER bandwagoner
  3. Fishing-Miller23

    Fishing-Miller23 It's Miller Time!

    That is funny :D
  4. Gotta Love when they come out of the woodwork.

    Go Blue!!!!!!
  5. First......I'm not a bandwagoner, I'm alumni who now resides in Cincinnati.
    Second......I'm not coming out of the "woodwork" I've been behind my lions through the good and bad years. offense taken..... ;)
  6. I hope they go on to win the national title against Texas, that way the only 2 teams that beat OSU would be playing for the title, couldnt complain about that too much. I think USC will get beat, they always start too slow and there will be a team that wont let them back in the game. Could be Notre Dame this weekend, or UCLA or California in a few weeks. I dont think anyone will touch Texas the rest of the year and Penn State could be for real.
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    Got to Love them!!!! GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I just don't see PSU having the offense to get it done. While their defense was pretty good against OSU, they really have not shut everyone down. Cincinatti got 24 and Northwestern 29. That defense was made to look even better by the Buckeyes. I don't see any way they will run the table.

    I agree that USC is flirting with disaster every week in spotting teams early leads. Their defense is not as dominant as experts were predicting. I see them maybe getting tripped up as well by one of the ones you mentioned. I would like to see it this Saturday. Notre Dame is a fine ball team with a good offense. That game may be a real shootout.

    I don't know that anyone left in the Big 12 can get Texas. I see them headed to a NC game. Don't forget about Va Tech. They are a very good club that if they are able to keep it together will be right in the mix. Boston College may be their toghest test left on the schedule.
  9. typical CLASSLESS statement.....most likely from someone without an education.

    anyways.....I'm not sure if we(PSU) will run the table this year. I'm guessing we go 10-1 or 9-2. The game this weekend is going to be hard.
  10. no I have an education! I am from ohio and I only route for two teams the Bucks and Mount Union! I take it back b/c it was classess I am just still tick off that the buckeyes lost!
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    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    well,i like paterno.think he's a good coach.but,psu surely hasn't lit up the conference since they've been in the big ten.i'll stick with ohio state year in and year out!!!
  12. No hard feelings, I know how you feel......been ticked off the past 5 years about PSU.

    good luck the rest of the season.
  13. Looking forward to your post next week.

    Go Blue!!!!!!!
  14. We have not heard much from you the last few weeks either.:D

    Go Bucks!!!!
  15. I guess if you're alumni you get it honestly. Glad to hear you're not SUPER bandwagoner. However, I have a question for you...when is that coach of yours going to retire? Come on now, 78 years old and still chasing the sidelines. My son brought up an interesting thought while watching the OSU game. He asked me how much control of the team I thought JoPa had. He said watch him closely and see how he interacts with the rest of the team and assistants. Once he brought it to my attention and I started watching, I even had to start to wonder. Seemed detached to us. Whats your spin?
  16. It has been a tough year for sure. Pre-season hype was obviously a little off, but I still think Michigan has a good team a will give anyone they play a great game. Injuries/mistakes at crunch time have cost us all three games. Very hard to watch sometimes, but I have a feeling that they will be ready to play this weekend and hopefully ready for the end of the season tussle with the evil buckeyes. I think that Ohio State is a very talented team as usual and on paper would rate them among the best five teams in the country. I have to agree with most of the assesments here about QB's and especially their wide outs. They have 4 guys wo could start for most teams in th country but never seem to turn them loose. Just like Michigan if they get their act together watch out. Penn State has been the laughing stock of the Big Ten almost since their arrival. They finally win a big game and are in the hunt for the championship. I understand not posting when you are losing, but act like you've been there before.

    Go Blue!!!!!!!
  17. If you look at JoePa's retirment this way, it may make you think twice about when he'll retire: Joe has given back so much money to the university that almost half of the buildings, dorms, athletic building, etc....would not be possible if it wasn't for him. Most would assume that his house in State College would be this huge mansion, but it isn't. It's your regular run of the mill house. So as far as when he'll retire???? I think it will be some time and when the day comes, it's sad to say, but it will probably be because of a health issue.
    Interesting fact: Joe is the longest tenured employee as well as the oldest employee at PSU.
    Also, I don't think you can find another campus that the library is named after the football coach.