Go Mizzo?

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  1. Just about everyone is picking Oklahoma to beat Mizzo. Considering that WV will probably pound Pitt that will put the Bucks in another game against a spread offense. I don't know how I feel about that:confused: ; Jim Haycock can't figure out how to defend a spread offense and Pat White is a freak! I think I like our chances in the Rose Bowl against USC a lot more than our chances in the national championship against WV.
  2. I would almost rather Mizzou and WV play in the title game that way people wont hate the fact that OSU "backed in". I dont think OSU could beat WV and we all know we cant defend the dual threat QB. So I would be happy with playing any team without a dual threat QB . OSU has already exceeded my expectations for this season because I thought we'd take a couple more lumps this year and be National Champs next season....So its all a plus for me.

    I do secretly want Oklahoma to remind Mizzou that they are just Mizzou.

  3. I posted this in another thread so I will just copy it over to here. This was a response to the following statement in that thread.

    Personally I think the dual threat QB impact on OSU is way overrated. In the PSU loss Robinson passed for 78 yards and ran for 52 yards. That is not a game winning performance. The Bucks laid an egg on the offensive side of the ball in that game. Granted in the Texas game Young put up impressive but keep in mind nobody stopped Young and Texas that year. They averaged 50 points a game and nobody kept them under 40 except for OSU which gave up just 25. The Florida result in my mind had absolutely nothing to do with a dual threat QB. Leak stood all night in the pocket without pressure and completed passes underneath soft coverage. Probably the Illinois game would be the only one that could be interpreted as being beaten by a dual threat QB. But that game would not have that spin if it were not for the three interceptions thrown by Boeckman.

    So if the Bucks get a shot at WVU I know I won't be one of the doubters in the Bucks ability to stop White.;)
  4. LOL-

    I think I'll stick with wanting the BUCKEYES in the title game- Has a better ring to it!

    I don't care about what any other State thinks about the BUCKEYES! Everybody hates the Buckeyes already, they are a constant winner- year after year! People don't like that, because it's not their team. How bad does MICHIGAN hate us? They can't beat us.

    WE DO NOT HAVE A BETTER CHANCE AGAINST USC! MHO;) They are the hottest team right now- they are finally very healthy, and oiling that machine.

    WVU really is not that good! If they lose there QB- they would lose to ST.Xavier! If OSU loses their QB- we still have our options.

    I'll sit and watch C.Wells run for over 230- and ROFLMAO
    Our Defense will zone in on White like the "animal" does his prey!

    This is only if OKLAHOMA can give us what we want- or at least some of us want!:confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Well, I think our QB shrinks under pressure. So whoever OSU plays, it's going to be a tough one. Can't depend totally on Wells if the they stack up the box.