Gnadenhutten Tusc. River Help

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    I'm going to switch it up and try something a little closer to home this weekend. I'm going to be coming to Gnadenhutten and targeting Tusc. River flatheads. I don't need spots, but I do need some general info.

    1) Average depth of the river from say Gnadenhutten on up to New Philly?
    2) How fast is the current? AKA, can I paddle upriver?
    3) How wide is the river at its widest/skinniest?
    4) Generally do you spend more times with log jams or deep holes? (obviously I'd like to find a combination of both, but want to know which is more common on the river)

    I generally fish with a 1oz weight in the Ohio and want to make sure this translates well onto the Tusc. I'm hoping to hook up with some good fish so I can justify only traveling 1 hour instead of 2 to get to BIG cats.
  2. I never fished for flatties in the Tusc. this late in the year. There are a few deep holes in that area between 15-17ft. deep. Kayaks or canoes can be paddled up river, but it sucks paddling up river in a jon boat(I've done it a few times). 1 oz should work unless you are using big baits. Let us know how you do.

  3. If it were me, Id stay home...The Tusc has been pretty dead for Flatheads the last couple weeks, The group of guys that I fish with none of us have caught any in 3-4wks, There were 4 caught at New Towne Mall I think 3wks ago, with the biggest only being 12lbs...I DOUBT that you will tangle with a nice flathead in the Tusc anymore this year, BUT There is always a chance, There have been some nice channels out of the Tusc in the last 2wks though...As far as weight Id go with a 2oz no roll or bank sinker...1oz will probably work though...
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    Thanks for the posts and PM's but as luck would have it, some of the fishing buddies were able to make the trip to the Ohio this weekend. I have the Tusc. marked for at least one trip....hopefully soon (before it gets too COLD!)

    I received a lot of help from all of you, so when I do hit the river, if I find anything worth noting, expect a pm;)
  5. I used to hunt right near there man was a greayt place to hunt until it ot posted