GMR Water Temperature

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    I found out Friday evening that it isn't too bad. My kayak anchor got hung up on a submerged tree. After about 40 minutes of trying to free it I decided that it wasn't going to win. The anchor is only about $15, but I was pretty mad by this point. I cut loose and put my yak on the bank, waded out up to my shoulders (still had my waders on). After another 15 minutes I located the anchor and dove underwater to retrieve it.
    The water was surprisingly not that bad. If the guy who was watching from upstream on the golf cart reads this, you are welcome for the free entertainment.

    To make things worse I broke my rod tip and was :S .
    Not the best of days, but I'll be back.
  2. The water is currently 15 C (about 60 F), but has fallen significantly in the last couple of days.

    Water temp. data can be found here....

    This is the data for the GMR in Middletown, but I sometimes wonder how accurate it is (or if it is measuring surface temperature), judging by the wild temperature swings daily.

  3. Im gona need a conversion chart for the temps. Ive used that web cite for two years now and never noticed the temps