GMR water levels

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  1. My youngest is finally old enought to be life-jacketed and hit the canoe for some family fun.

    We are usually in the Auglaize River, but it is a little low this time of year. We are close to Wapakoneta. Anyone been to the GMR betwen Sidney and Piqua? I thought maybe this would be far enough downstream to provide good canoeing water.

    I see a lot of guys talking about the GMR, but I have not fished it yet myself. Hoping to get into some canoe fishing without driving too far.
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    The water flows,clarity etc are perfect for a float right now. Once the USGS gauges show it to be lesss'n 100cfs it starts getting into a lot of dragging over the riffles.Don't forget your pole,thats good saugeye and smallie water w/ an occaisional pike thrown in.TC1

  3. Thanks TC1. That is the exact kind of info I was hoping for. I knew about the USGS site, but I never had a number to help make it understandable.

    We may try it this weekend. Miami conservancy website had some nice info on launch points, etc.
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    Between Sidney and Piqua is good water, lots of smallies, with big pike and saugeye in deeper holes. I fish this stretch alot. You can put in at Roadside park just south of Sidney on 25A. A lot of this stretch is pretty shallow, may have to drag the canoe a bit in spots.

    Good Fishing,