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    Fished down near the OR sun looking for stripes but only one small 'brid. Nothing but a quick blowup on me for my sat effort at them on the lmr.Burned a lotta gas chasin them this wknd w/ not much to show for it.
    Took the new old boat out again last nt to a popular hole,was lookin for saugeyes and put two in the boat. Got them on consecutive casts,a 14" and a 19" outta 12' FOW. It was a deep hole that had a bottom I could'nt find w/ the line I was fishing,a 15' type 6 sink tip,probably 20' or more at it's deepest point.I got the two saugeye at the back of the hole where it came back up to the shallower part of the hole.The main part of the pool was around 5-7' but got no hookups or hits in that shallower water.Was kinda suprised not have hooked any smallies. I gotta bring a net w/ next time,it was tough to land that larger fish and I got pretty thoroughly splashed in my efforts. If it had'nt of swallowed the fly and gotten hooked in soft flesh probably woulda shook the hook outta a bony mouth set. Won't forget that net next time.
    Pink crystal grub was the ticket again but probably shoulda switched when I fished back up since I only got the two on it w/ no more action.
    Probably gonna try it again tnt since it seems the saugeyes are on a roll right now,TC1