GMR troy today!!!

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  1. I just got home from fishing the GMR. I went with my brother in law and had the pleasure of watching him fall in twice!!:p The fishing was a bit slower today but I got 3 saugeye 2 small ones around 12 inches and one monster that was easily 26 inches and had to be 5+ pounds (I measured her against my rod for an estimate). I have caught walleye from lake erie that where wieghed at 7 and 7 1/2 pounds and this saugeye wasn't much smaller than those at all. deffinently a PB for me in the river. very fun on 6# line and a 7ft ultra lite rod! no camera but I did have witnesses! I have never seen this spot so crowded as it was today either. there were 6 of us wading at one time with 2-3 people sitting on the bank. the river was still a bit high but was very wadable and fishable. and still a bit on the murky side. but it was a great day to get out and fish especially with the nice saugeye and watching the BIL fall in!!
  2. Yakfish, I believe I was fishing below you in the back current. I glanced at you and seen you holding the fish, it deffinatley looked like a hog saugeye. Nice job

  3. yeah i was the guy in the red shirt.
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    Yakfish, wish was a little closer to you. I always carry a camera and was moving toward you when you released that monster. Congrats, that was a very large saugeye! If you don't mind me asking, what did you catch that on. Could not tell from where I was. I was on the water treatment side and had a grey T shirt on.

    FYI - I got skunked tonight!!!
  5. I thought that might have been you fishing over there. I was using a silver and blue rattle trap. I have never used one in the river before but I thought with the low visibility I would give them something they could hear. I got snaged amd lost it 2 casts later
  6. My son tried a rattle trap there and lost it, but he did catch a largemouth. I guess if I had loads of money to keep tying new ones on, Rattle Traps are the way to go! :) From what I've gathered so far, it looks like you want a shallow running, shad colored crankbait that rattles.