GMR Troy Hub?

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  1. I received a map from the Miami Valley Conservancy District yesterday. On the GMR section in Troy they have a "Future Troy Hub" illustrated. It looks like the Arang restaurant near treasure island park. Any one know anything about this and what the purpose of it would be.
  2. I believe Arangs building is owned by the City of Troy. Maybe there are plans to sell it to the county.

  3. Hi, Jake
    The purpose is to join the Troy bike trail to the Piqua bike trail with Treasure Island being the meeting place for the two. They're rebuilding the Adams st. bridge and I believe there will be bike path to cross the river included. What they're planning on doing with the building is unknown to me though.
  4. Back in the 50's and 60's, the "The Treasure Island" complex was a popular hub for boating and other activities. The current Arang Restaurant was a "boathouse". Some city leaders envision restoring the whole thing, but they don't have the funding. It's not looking like they wil get the funds anytime soon, either. The whole area needs to be dredged out.

    They started painting that building and replacing some windows a couple of years ago and the project halted.
  5. In 2004 the city council approved $400,000 for improvements to Treasure Island. Was that much actually spent because it doesn't look like there's 400 dollars worth of recreational accomodations there?
  6. If that. Last summer I went down there and the play ground looked out dated and vandalized, that channels were so muddy I doubt that a carp would want to make it a home, and Arang looked simply abandoned. People were using the boat ramp to launch ski doos though.