GMR Tomorrow?

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  1. I found out today that I don't have class tomorrow so I would like to hit the GMR in the Troy area. Any suggestions on where to go, what to go for, or what to use would be appreciated.
  2. Fish the deep hole with bass minnows hooked in the tail, tightlined on the bottom. ITs what ive been catching them on

  3. Well I went out and battled the cold just to be :S . There were several others where I was fishing and they seemed to have about the same luck. I was fishing bass minnows about 3+ foot deep. One fella in a inflatable raft caught one nice saugeye but every one who was bank fishing didn't even get a bite. Also for any one in the Troy area the Tackle Shack is out of shiners.
  4. hey jacmec the guy with the inflatable raft, did it have a trolling motor on the back of it???
  5. Yea that was me out in the inflatable raft, I ended up catching 6 saugeyes that ranged from 12"-22". All caught on jig and minnow.
  6. Nice out fit you have there. What does a raft like that and motor run(not including the little red wagon;) )? I was the one underneath the other side of the bridge from where you put in. I was out a hour before you came out and never got a bite. Did any one else get one who was on the bank?
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    Hey Walikng, Me and my dad were out there two weeks ago and think we saw you , you were doin pretyy good ( saw you boat atleast 4 fish) nobody else was catching anything, we think we saw you jigging, what bait were you using and how were you catching fish when nobody else was?