GMR Smallies on the Offensive!

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  1. took my gear with me to work last night, decided to hit a new spot i have been wanting to try near the shop. got to the spot about 6am, usually i throw spinners but since it was still dark i dug through my boxes looking for something with a "rattle". found a Smithwick stick bait that i bought for saugeyes, never tried it for bass but it is now my "go to" bait. the smallies loved it, only problem was the rear trebble getting sucked deep into their mouths. after digging it out of 2 fish i decided to take it off completely. had what i beleive to be my biggest smallie ever throw the bait at the bank and get off, guessing it was near 4lb or better! other than that i caught about 12 fish, the biggest are in the below pics. biggest one i would say was an easy 2-1/2lb. also got another pike. had another bigger pike swiping at my bait a few times but couldnt hook him. fish just shut down after about 7:20 or so. [​IMG]
  2. nice fish, dink! looks like you have a good eye for fishing holes!

  3. JPfishing

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    The best stickbaits in the business, imo. Smithwicks work for everything !
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    NICE SMALLIES............CONGRATS...............ive caught just about everything on Smithwick Rogues ......they are great baits !!!
  5. Congrats, Nice catch man... cant wait to hit the GMR for some smallies this summer..
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    Pretty soon you'll be changing your name to "pigbuster"!!!!
  7. I'll trade some gravel pit fishin' for some of your smallie spot fishin.......LOL Those are some nice lookin pigs. I agree totally with the Smithwicks. I too think they are the best stickabits going. One of my favs is a rattlin' rogue blue and chrome color.
  8. thats exactly the color i was throwing;) . btw, stopped and fished the Mad for an hour this morning, one dink smallie.
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    Was out on the GMR for a bit last nt(again..). Did'nt make a rpt as it seems kinda repetitive,"fished gmr,caught a bunch of fish". Almost sounds like last nts rpt and the one before and the one before etc.Even when I fish slow water for crappies I keep getting smallies!
    Seems to be two dominant yr classes;10-12" fish and 15-17".
    The pike are very nicely colored too,sweet looking fish!
    Way to go Dink,TC1