GMR Smallies in Franklin

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  1. Hey everyone I went out to the GMR tonight around 7:15 pm, the water was crystal clear and the weather outside was perfect, I threw my line in which I was using a 4 inch black and chartreuse berkley worm in the water and had great success the small mouth were hitting like crazy on this worm in the slack water in the river. I was impressed and they were all above 12inch mark and super healthy. I managed to catch 8 in about 1 hr time span. here is just a few of the pics I took tonight. Hope you all enjoy. :G
    Gonna try again in the morning.

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    Nice looking fish.

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    Nice fish.
    I drove by the GMR in Middletown last night and the river did look great. I'm also gonna be out there Tues. morning, good luck to us both.