GMR river clarity?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TomC, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Anyone got any news on how the river is? I could care less if its high, im just wondering how muddy or murkie it is. If its clearing up im gona hit it tomorrow.
  2. I fished it this morning for about 3 hours. The water is still murky, but clearing up nice from last week. The temp is also coming up because I saw several smallies jumping out in front of me and I know they don't move like that when it's cold. Visibility is at least 2.5 feet now. I threw everything but the kitchen sink at them and the only luck I had was on a crank bait. 2 nice ones, one was about 2.5 pounds. Make sure you find a spot where the water pools off and slows down, otherwise it will be next to impossible to fish this current, especially if the wind is out of the north like it was today. Good Luck.

  3. 2.5ft or so thats better than it has been, think im gona go and give er a try.
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    Tom - Water is a little murky but very fishable up my way.