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  1. Met up with Jackfish and his 2 buddies last night for about 3 hrs of cattin at one of our favorite spots on the GMR. ( Mellon wassupposed to make it but had some parental duties to attend too) It was a perfect night and I had both rods in by about 7:45 and Jackfish and his buddies arrived shortly after and got set up. We had 8 rods out and covered a whole top of a run. I had brought some big bluegills and was using them as cut bait as the rest of the gang was using the 4-6" blugills Jackfish had brought as live bait. Turns out that in 24 rod hours worth of effort,(4 folks at 2 rods each) we garnered all of 1 fair hit on one of Jackfish' live bluegills. It loaded the rod up but never held on long enough for the circles to connect. :( I, with my Bluegill Head got a quick couple clicks of the baitrunner but that was it. Even after picking up and rebaiting with fresh gills and the such, not a one of our baits even had been chewed on, we called it a night at 11 and cut our losses. Pretty dismal fishing wise but it was a great evening and as always, enjoyed the night with some good company. Just remember its not always about the catching!!

    Mellon, looks like you picked a good night to miss out!
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    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    Actually I wish I could have went: I left work @ 6:15PM to meet my wife, we met then got to my son's school around 7PM (The Parent/Teacher Open House stated at 6:30pm) Do we get to talk to the teacher (who says my 6 year old is a Hellion)? No. She called off sick! I was amde becasue 1.) I could have went fishin or 2.) I could have worked OT. We get home to find a message on our records from the teacher. I guess she really was sick. I would have known that around 5PM, I would have got my gear & been fishing w/ you guys.