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GMR Report 7/29

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by NocturnalDeath, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. NocturnalDeath

    NocturnalDeath Boatless

    Ok Me and my best 2 buddies (myself, and I) went to the GMR tonight... I took a bucket of mostly dead bluegills (ugh) and tried to find the miamisburg spillway... no one knew where it was at... I thought I saw it from one of the bridges, but the only access I could find to that spot was through a cornfield marked No Trespassing...(ugh)... So I meandered south until I saw a sign that said butler metropark... uh... the park consisted of a crappy gravel turnaround and a friendly ranger who said I could fish both sides of the river on both sides of the bridge... 'cept... THERE'S NO ACCESS to those places... ok so I drove back up to the 122 bridge and WALKED upstream on the bikepath to this back eddy (IS this the stinkhole?) It didn't stink... Whatever was in the hole killed all my bluegills, I only caught one small channel who tried to eat a 6" live bluegill... I had no rod holders, no lights, and no one to talk to, so I left about midnight... Might try there again...

    Any suggestions? THanks
  2. It does not sound like you were at the Miamisburg dam, but probably at West Carrollton. I fished about 1/4 mile below you last night with very good success in Middletown. I will try to get out later tonight. Send me a pm if you want to get together.