GMR report 5-1-08

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  1. I hit the river around 10:30, i got a late start. The crappie were on fire. Largest was 13" most were 10-12". Rockbass were hitting really well. All assorted sizes, the large ones were thick and fiesty. No cats and only a few smallies. Bluegill were picking up and their were a few that were keeper sized. Everything was either hitting small minnows or small crawlers under a slip bobber around 2-5ft deep. Water felt decent only went waist deep thou. Water still about a foot higher than normal but very clear.
  2. Nice report.. ill be going to the GMR tomorrow Morning and afternoon, hopefully ill be able to post good results also

  3. hey tom, to answer your question on my post about the hamilton pool. the pool I always used to fish was the one right behind columbia bowling lanes is. most of that pool is 5-6 feet deep. it gets a little deeper if you go south of the ramp, and gets down to almost no water if you run north of black street bridge to the old dam. once you get past the main street bridge you will want to set your boat down if you are on one. from there, there is like an area of water behind the smart paper mill that looks like it is kind of boiling up. if you set your boat there and cast bright color small crank baits in and around this area, you can catch smallies about all day. other than that it is the luck of the draw.
  4. Fished the GMR in Miami county this morning and caught some decent saugeyes. The rock bass were on fire but the smallies seemed a little slower this morning.

    heres a pic of the keeper saugeyes
  5. nice fish, what did you catch them on?
  6. Where at in Miami/Montgomery are some decent spots to either wade or bank fish? I'm looking at the miami conservency maps and I see some roadside spots on the mont/miami border and near tipp and troy. Any pointers?