GMR report 10/9

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  1. Haven't had a report in a while so I thought I would get one in after the nice one I caught today. I have been catching about an average of 3 saugeye per day the last week or so on the river so I think the run is about to begin. I went out today between shifts and was working a jerkbait for a little bit and I had one come up and slam it against the wall but he spit it before I got it in. It was a big fish and I couldn't seem to get him again with the jerkbait. I tied on a minnow rap and as soon as I got it to the same spot he was sitting about 15 minutes earlier he came up and destroyed the lure. Nice quick little fight and I pulled in my PB LM from the river. Had to get back to work shortly after that but the fishing seems to me to be picking up.


    I could have put a softball in here
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