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  1. Went out last night for about 1.5 hours. Throwing the pearl colored zulu the whole time. The first hole along a rocky bank point, no smallmouth hits, but was able to catch a hammer handle pike along the weeds I was standing by. Moved down river to a stretch that has a large flats area and drops off the table to about 3 to 4 feet. Imagine a football field underwater about a foot deep and then dropoffs along the sideline and endzone. I was fishing the corner of the endzone where it drops off on both sides. I caught a 16.5 inch smallie that had about 14 inch follower. Casted for awhile longer at this spot with no hits. Moved further down river to an old log out in the middle of the river where I caught a nice one over the weekend. I had a couple of hits but no takers. I can tell someone else has found this spot because the weeds were trampled. Moved further downstream to a shallow faster moving water area. Had about 3 or 4 hits, but they just weren't taking it in. I then moved down river again and fished under a bridge. Same thing, had a handful of hits, but they just weren't sucking the bait in. I was finally able to catch one by letting the fish really take it for a long period of time before I set the hook, it was maybe 12 inches. Moved back up stream to the old log and caught a rockbass. After that I moved back to where I caught the first smallmouth and caught a 10 inch and 14 inch smallmouth. Starting to get dark I moved back to where I started and caught one more hammer handle pike. Then it was too dark to fish any longer. I sure hope this rain turns things on around here.

  2. Very good, detailed report. Thanks.
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    Mike - The spot where "water drops of the table" can be productive for saugeye if the water comes up a little. They feed there in evening just before dark. Until the water comes up, they should be sitting just above the log you mentioned.
  4. Thanks for the info., I don't catch too many 'eyes with the zulu though, I would have to try something else. Any recommendations? I did catch one nice 19 incher a few weeks ago, it made for a nice dinner, probably the best tasting fish I've ever ate from the river. Of course I think I've only had fish from the river about 5 times in my life.
  5. Qmike-

    I think I know where you were fishing. Years ago, all you needed was a jig and twister to catch Saugeyes. Anymore, they seem to be hitting live minnows and crankbaits. The Zulu immitates a minnow and I would think that saugeyes would hit it. From my recent experience, the saugeyes seem to move around quite a bit and you have to be in the right place at the right time to find them. SConner knows what he is talking about. He has found quite a few.

    I can guarantee that saugeyes around here have been known to hit a 3-5" crankbait (the skinny type) with colors dependent upon water clarity. They tear up larger shiners and creek chubs.

    You are fishing in the right place, if I am right about the location. You just have to be there at the right time. Just downstream is where I used to hook truckloads of them. (Can't find them there anymore).

    I'm particularly pleased to hear that you found some more small pike. I can't wait to see how big those critters get in a few years.