GMR Report 10/30/08

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by QueticoMike, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. Went down to the honey hole last night after work. It’s a little breezier today than it was yesterday. The wind had shifted enough that the trees weren’t much protection and the wind just funneled up the river out of the south. This made fishing the Pop-R a little difficult. I still threw it anyways to see what would happen. I’ve fished worse water before with topwater baits. It took a lot of casts but finally was able to trick one 15 inch smallie into hitting the lure. After numerous more casts with nothing to show for it I decided to switch over to the zulu. At least I had a few hits with this lure but was only able to connect with one 16 inch smallie that has been eating well this fall. I also tried the double willow spinner bait with no luck. I spent about 45 minutes down there total. Since they weren’t going crazy at the honey hole I decided to try some of my old haunts to see what was going on. I tried 5 different spots with the Pop-R and didn’t even have a sniff on that lure. Then I tried the zulu at several of those locations and had the same result. Not sure what was going on yesterday but they just weren’t hitting. I guess yesterday would have been a good day to cheat with some live bait. Hopefully over the next week during Indian Summer things will begin to turn around a little for the topwater and zulu bite.

    Fish on……….