GMR Report 10/29/08

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  1. Went fishing last night after work at my buddy's "honey hole". I was meeting him there; he didn't show up until about after an hour. The wind was blowing pretty hard yesterday, but down at the hole it wasn't too bad. It was smooth enough to throw topwater and that's what I did. I didn't get any hits on the first few casts and was starting to think that topwater wasn't the answer, but I finally had one come up on it a couple of times before I was able to get a hook up. The hook up didn't last long as my line broke off. I started thinking it might have been a pike until I saw a decent smallie jumping out in the middle of the river trying to throw my lure. It was a pop-r, the only pop-r I had with me and it was now gone. I stood there wondering if I tied a bad knot or had a knick in the line, because that smallmouth wasn’t big enough to just snap my line. I looked back out across the river and I could see something shiny sticking out of the water that was sticking up less than an inch. I started thinking maybe that was my pop-r and the smallmouth had shaken it loose. So I ran down river about 30 yards to a shallower section and waded out towards the middle. Sure enough here comes my pop-r. When I pick up the lure it has 4 ft. of line attached to it! I knew right away what had happened. When I went fishing last Saturday night I was carrying the lantern and the fishing poles in the same hand for about 5 seconds. I told my buddy I better switch hands because this thing is hot enough to melt my line and that I didn’t want to loose a lure on my first fish the next time I use it. Well I guess I was too late because my line was weakened enough to break off on the first fish. At least I got my pop-r back. So I started fishing again and started catching as well. In about 30 minutes after getting my lure back I was able to catch 5 nice smallmouth on that pop-r. One was 17 inches; two were 16 inches, one 15 inch and one 14 inch. They weren’t hitting the lure real hard, mostly just rolling over on it and sucking it down and if they did miss it, some where taking 2 or 3 shots at it. Caught all the fish in the same general area. After the topwater bite slowed, I tried chartreuse spinner bait for awhile and had no hits. Then I tied on a zulu and had a few hits, but only managed one 12 inch smallmouth as my buddy got there. He brought a bucket of shiners with him. By the time I had a slip float tied on, he already had 3 nice smallies in the 15 to 16 inch range. He ended up catching a total of 5 down there. I had a couple of bites and had a good one hooked on, but I wasn’t able to catch anything with the live bait. It can be hard fishing a float down there because the current is pretty heavy there and that leaves you with a lot of slack to deal with before setting a hook. We moved upstream to another spot and my buddy got another nice 16 incher there and then I called it quits because it was much windier there and in the shade. Felt like it was at least 10 degrees colder at this spot.

    Fish on ..............

    I took a couple of pictures of the smallies I caught on the pop-r. It’s kind of hard to tell how big they are, but I left the lure in their mouths so you might get some idea of the size.

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  2. Nice fish, Mike. What color Pop-r do you suggest for this time?. I was thinking of trying it yesterday but the wind was too much in this area and had too little time. I'm going to take a shot today if the wind stays down.

  3. I use the Rebel Super Pop-R in the Silver Shiner pattern. If you can't find this exact Pop-R, I would go with anything that has a silver pattern with either gold or blue mixed in. I like the Super Pop-Rs because they are a little bigger than the normal Pop-Rs and have those Excaliber hooks on them which are extremely strong and sharp.

    Fish on.......
  4. Thanks again
    I can't seem to find the super around here but I'm planning a trip to Huber soon. I'm thinking also of trying a rat-l-trap. I've had good luck with them on the lakes in San Diego so they should do well here.
  5. Never had a whole lot of luck with the rattle traps in the river, then again I never used them too much. You have to work the lure fast which I don't believe will be too productive this time of the year. You also have to worry about snags and raking everything up when you use this bait. Maybe if you find some slow moving deep water it might be good?

    Fish on...........
  6. I do know a couple of areas like that but as you said it 's a faster lure and I'm sure the fish are looking for slower presentations this late in the year. I'll wait til spring and give it a shot
  7. Mike,
    I really enjoy reading your reports always interesting.
    I was wondering what type rod and reel, specs if possible are you using to fish the zulu and the Pop R. Are you using heavy action or something lighter Thanks
  8. Right now I’m using a smaller Quantum reel (can’t remember the exact model #) with 10 pound test on a light ( but somewhat stiff, got to have a little backbone for setting the hook and popping the pop-r) Shimano rod. I usually use 8 pound test but ran out and all I had around the house was 10 pound test that I use up in Canada. I don’t think it makes much difference when using a Pop-R whether it’s 8 or 10. Probably should use the lighter line on the zulu since the line is more visible when fishing a lure such as that. I like the light rod, very sensitive to the feel of hit on a zulu. Plus it doubles over when you have a 15 inch smallie on, makes things a little more interesting.

    Fish on………..