GMR Report 10/25 & 26/08

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  1. Didn't get out Friday evening after the rain, too busy grillin' chicken and drinking Buds. Got up Saturday morning with a slight headache but went fishing anyways with a buddy who stopped by. We drove over to a bridge and walked upstream from there. I threw a pop-r and he had on an AC shiner prop bait. Hit the "flats" first and didn't have any hits. So we worked our way back downstream leapfrogging each other as we went. I had a dink follow my lure all the way to shore and it took a swipe at it right in front of me but missed it. This was down by the old submerged log. As I moved further downstream I was able to pick up a nice 16 inch smallie in some fast moving shallow water. It kept “noseing” the lure about 3 times before it took a good hit on it. It came out of the water twice and my buddy decided to move downstream to see what I had. The rain on Friday only increased the level of the river by a few inches by the way. So then we tried down by the bridge and nothing there either. The wind is blowing pretty well down there that day as well, but we continued to fish. Downstream from the bridge we hit a spot that has been producing and I hook a 14 incher and my buddy caught his first one, about 12 inches. I get one more 13 incher on the pop-r and buddy went downstream about 100 yards to some fast moving shallow water. Even though I was that far away, I could hear my buddy get a hit on the prop bait. I look downstream and can see his pole is doubled over. The fish came out the water and all you can hear is my buddy yelling that he has the big one on. So after he pulls it out the water, I can't really tell how big it is, so I jog down there to get a measurement and a look at it. It was 16.5 inches and fat! I'd say it was pushing 3 pounds. So I tired a few casts there and then he snagged a log across the river and I knew that hole was done for after that so I moved back to the spot I left. I was able to catch 2 more smallies under 12 inches on the zulu. We hit a couple of more spots on the way back to the bridge but didn't catch anything else.

    Round 2 - Went to fish with another buddy who was telling me had been getting into some nice cats. So I met up with him around 4:30 and we walked down to his spot. We tried fishing for some smallies at first and didn't have any hits so we set up for catfish. My buddy gets a bite but misses it and while he was reeling in his cut bait a 2lb smallie grabbed it. I guess we should have been fishing deeper for those smallies. My buddy ends up catching 3 channel cats with the biggest being around 3 pounds, not the big boys he had been getting in to. It's windy and cold tonight and it doesn't help when the fish aren't biting. I had two bites all night and no fish. It wasn't a good evening of fishing.

    Sunday 10/26

    I have some creek chubs left over from catfishing the night before and decided to try "cheating" for smallies. When ever I don't use lures I call it cheating, but with how the winds were yesterday I figured it was my best bet. I started out at the flats throwing creek chubs under a slip float or as Roland Martin calls them " a strike indicator ":) I was also throwing a pop-r at the same time. I don't know why I try to fish two poles at the same time. I get a bite on the creek chub while I'm in the middle of a retrieve of the pop-r. By this time my line is caught up in the weeds as my float is gone. I try to reel up the slack but the fish is running right towards me. By the time I feel the fish and can tell it's a nice one, it pops off. I decided one pole at a time after that. Didn't have any more hits after that. I try several more places without any hits. I finally got into some where I caught most of my fish on the previous day. I catch 7 smallies and a big rockbass, the biggest fish is 15 inches, the smallest probably 7 inches. So I caught 8 fish with 9 creek chubs, so that wasn't bad. The wind was kicking pretty good today.

    Talked to a buddy of mine who said he did real good with live bait yesterday, catching 3 smallmouth in the 3 pound range in the early afternoon. He said he also caught 2 nice ones on the pop-r.

    Fish on..........