GMR Report 10/23/08 - Honey Hole

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  1. My buddy has a spot on the river that he affectionately calls the Honey Hole. This place at times, usually spring and fall can hold some big bass. When my buddy told me that he caught 8 good ones on Wednesday night, I had to go and check it out for myself. So headed off to the Honey Hole after work. It’s a long walk to get there, but it’s worth it if the fish are there. The first cast with the pop-r, bang, a 16 inch smallie. A few casts later, a 17 inch smallie. Then another 16 inch smallie, followed up with one more 16 inch smallie, all in the first 30 minutes. Then I caught a little 14 incher after that. At least it seemed small at the time. After the top water bite began to cool, I switched over to the double willow chartreuse spinner bait, I think it’s a half oz. size. First cast with it, a 16 inch smallie. A few casts later, about as far as I could cast it, I nail another 17 inch smallie on the spinner bait, it has to be pushing close to 3 pounds. One more 17 incher was caught after a number of casts. After the spinner bait cooled off, I switched over to the zulu. First cast, a 14 inch smallie. A few more casts later and another one over 15 inches. I caught all of these fish without moving from this one spot. I did move one time further downstream, but only found a dink with the pop-r. I caught 12 total, 7 on the pop-r, 3 on the spinner bait and 2 on the zulu. 3 of the smallmouth were 17 inches, 3 more were 16 inches and above, 4 were between 14 and 16 inches, 1 that was 12 inches and 1 dink. There isn’t much to this hole and I don’t know why all these big fish are there, but they are there. It’s a big wide open stretch of the river and the water is deep and it flows hard. They must just gather in there for bait fish. The first hour there was hot and heavy and then it just cooled off as quickly as it started. I might have been there a total of an hour and 45 minutes. It was an extremely fun time to have big fish like that hitting all my baits!

    "LMRsmallmouth" talked me into taking a couple of shots of these fish with my cell phone. I don't normally take my phone with me while I'm fishing but I had left it my jacket. So when when I got to the honey hole, I left my jacket on shore so my phone wouldn't get wet. I'm glad I didn't have to move around too much. Never took any fish pictures with a phone before, but these turned out OK I guess. These are the 3-17 inchers that I caught.

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  2. Nice fish. Well typed report. :)

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    Great report as always. Those are some nice lookin' fish!
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    Nice piggies Mike.....'specially that PopR fish! I need to get out this weekend and catch some piggies myself! I think the pics turned out fine, those fish have some girth to em too!!!