GMR Report 10/22/08

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by QueticoMike, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Went out behind the house last night after work to see if there were any fish back there. Found mostly leaves, it was covered from one side to the other. The water kind of pools up back there and so do the leaves. I had a pop-r on when I got down there, but after three casts I figured it was hopeless and switched over to the zulu. I did manage to have one hit, it was a 13 inch smallie, in the 30 minutes I was back there. Just way too many leaves back there so I decided to head downstream. Went and tried a bridge, no luck, but not many leaves. I hit a couple of more spots downstream until I was able to find another 13 incher with the zulu. Headed back up stream and found a place out of the wind where the water wasn't flowing as fast and has lots of rocks. Found a 12 inch smallie there. Moved further upstream past the bridge and fished an old submerged log and was able to pull off a rock bass. I had a few hits here, but I think most of them might have been rock bass. One did hit it pretty good making me think it might have been a smallie. Moved even further upstream to hit the "flats" and there wasn't anything going on there except a bunch of ducks feeding and a lot of leaves starting to move in from upstream. So I move back downstream to some shallow moving fast water with the pop-r back on. I get a 15 incher there that was just "noseing" around the lure, after a few pops it finally hit it. It was kind of hesitant, not like the crushing blows from 2 days ago. The fish came in kind of sluggish too, compared to Monday night. I was also able to get a dink smallie around 10 inches and another about 12 inches before my fingers got numb:) So things are still kind of slow and I think the fish are in an adjustment stage, so it might take a little bit before they become aggressive again. So 7 fish, 4 on the zulu and 3 on the pop-r, I guess it was an OK night for what I had to work with.

    Fish on.........