GMR Report 10/20/08-Topwater Saugeye

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  1. Decided to give my spot up north some rest last night so I hit the river downstream. First stop at a bridge, there were some kids down there doing God knows what and they told me where I could find a bunch of carp. I had to tell them I wasn't carp fishing, then they said what are you fishing for then. Well in about 5 casts I showed them. On the third cast I had a big boil on my pop-r , but no hook up. A couple of cast later this smallie hammers it. The only problem is that its on the other side of the bridge abutment and I had to horse the fish past it before it broke me off, added a little excitement to my evening. The crowd on the sidelines was pleased as I received applause for bringing in a big one. One girl said as long as you throw it back I'm happy for you. It measured out at 16 inches and had black splotches on it, not the prettiest fish, but it fought hard. Had one more hit under the bridge, but no hook up. I waded further downstream into a big open area that holds big smallies in early Nov., but I was only able to produce a 12 incher. It's pretty windy out and its not easy working the pop-r. So move downstream some more, but it's windy there as well and I don't have any hits. Back upstream I go and make a stop at a spot and try a few casts, one more hit but no fish. I'm thinking this is going to be a slow night, but at least I caught a good one. Go further upstream past where the bridge is and cast a few in a fast moving shallow water area, have one hit there as well and no hook up, it looked to be small by the size of the hit. Further upstream I go in search of smallies and less wind. I stop at a good fall fishing spot that hasn't been turned on yet. I cast as far as I can across the river to a shallow flat that the smallies move up on when the weather starts to turn. Sure enough there are some fish over there. The first 15 inch fish I bring in has a follower that makes the 15 inch fish look small, there were 2 fish right at my feet and I was hoping I had the big one hooked, oh well, that's a start. In this one spot I managed to catch 2 more 15 inchers, a 13, a 12, and a 12 inch largemouth. So things have started to turn around for me. On my way back to the truck I decide to make another cast in the fast moving shallow water. First cast a 15 inch smallie that hit the pop-r four times before he finally got it, man that was fun. Second cast, another 15 inch smallie. I'm on them now, wish I could still see the river, it's getting kind of dark. Third cast another explosion and another fish, can't tell what it is until it gets right next to me, it's a 19.5 inch saugeye, on a pop-r! Now that's a first. I've caught walleye in Canada on topwater before, but it's never happened to me on the river. So I threw it up on the bank and kept fishing, why not, three casts and three fish, plus dinner.
    I throw 3 more casts and on the third one I catch my last fish, a 13 inch smallie. I can't see the river hardly anymore by this time and I had a fish to clean, so that was it for the night. The fish was tasty fried in butter and onions with lemon pepper salt. The first hour tonight was slow, but caught a nice one. The second hour was fantastic. I sure hope you guys are getting some good topwater action in this week, it doesn't get much more fun than that!
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    I've been catching smb's w. those large balck splotches on the to. Maybe it's a coldwater thing?
    Headed out today for some steelhead and tryin them topwater too.TC1

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    Good report! Your reports are always so detailed.... are you a writer?
  4. I've had some articles and short stories published in the Boundary Waters Journal. It's a regional magazine that covers northern Minnesota's Boundary Waters and Canada's Quetico Provincial Park. I figure the more detail I put into these reports, the better it will help me in the future when I go back and look at them next year around this time frame. Kind of like storage for my fish journal.
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    I figured, the best writers always include a lot of detail, I enjoy your reports. Keep 'em coming.
  6. I caught a little sauger the other day on topwater, wierdest thing, I have had them eat baits just below the surface but never on. the cool water must have them jacked up.
    tc1, if your trying for steelies, I missed two on a bomber this weekend!
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    Top water saugeye???????????????? That is very cool!
    Write on article on that and everyone will think you are a loon.:)
  8. i fished the rocky river yesterday for steelies and couldnt buy a bite. jig and maggot. and lil cleos
  9. Ahhhh yes, nothing beter then a topwater bite with a 100 year old patern, thats my favorite way to catch them when there chasing, steelies that is, Im sure smallie swould hammer a Bomber as well.
    I took my only Atlantic Salmon on a Orange Bomber from an Nova Scotia stream on my honeymoon!! Marriage didnt last but the memories of that fish certainly is if it was yesterday!!
  10. Caught a little saugeye at the west carrolton GMR on a black hula popper 2 days ago.