GMR Report 10-14-08

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  1. Went out last night after work for a little while. Didn't catch as many rockbass as yesterday, but had about the same luck for smallmouth. Caught 5 total, 4 smallmouth, 1 rockbass. The good news was that most of the smallmouth were decent. 2 went 16 inches and another went 15 inches. The other one was a dink. They were all caught on a pearl zulu. The 2 biggest smallies were caught in deeper slow moving water, the other was caught in about 1.5 feet of faster moving water. Tried a lot of different water, catching was very sporadic.

    I can't wait for the topwater bite to turn on. Has anybody ever noticed that the topwater bite usually gets real good after the first hard freeze of the year? Slow moving topwater baits such as the pop-r can be extremely hot for a week or two after the first hard freeze.
  2. The zulu is a soft bait correct? How do you fish it, lead head, Texas rig, drop weight?

  3. Yes, a zulu is a soft plastic jerk bait, below is a description of how to rig the zulu from an article I had published earlier this year.

    Rigging the lure is simple. Use a red 1/0 worm hook, since smallmouth seem to be attracted to a little blood. Take the point of the hook and come down on top of the nose and run the lure to the top elbow part of the hook. Twist the lure around so the hook is now under the belly of the lure and press the hook point through the body until it lies flat on the back of the lure. The lure is now snag-less. To avoid the line twist and to add weight therefore increasing the hook up ratio just below the surface, a size 3 swivel was affixed to the set up. The lure was tied to about 8 inches of line leader and then to the two-way ball bearing swivel. The other side of the swivel was tied to the line on the reel
  4. you seem to love this lure and it seems to produce alot of fish going off of your reports. im still a little hazy on rigging this bad boy up.. anyone else catch on?
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  6. It's hard not to love a lure that produces like this one. Like I said before, if someone can show me they are catching more smallies with another lure, I'll switch. I will start throwing some topwater soon though, probably pop-r's. After the first hard freeze most years the smallies start slamming topwater baits. Pop-Rs, Lucky 13s, and Zara Spooks will be a blast for a short window in time. Then at the end of the season I will switch to live bait when it gets really slooooooow.
  7. ya i feel ya on the texas rigged.. what about the swivel. is it necessary? ill prolly just texas rig it with a bullet weight
  8. I use a swivel in my rig to keep the line from being twisted. If you hook up this lure with out a swivel or anything else, it will really twist your line up.
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    871 texas rigged he means the hook, no weight on a fluke style bait, or if you like you should use a soft jerkbait weighted hook, not a bullet as that will kill the action. I like to use them weightless with a small piece of solder or small nail in the head if I use weight. Fluke style baits are designed for walking the dog on or just below the surface, a bullet weight or too much weight kills the action.
  10. lol ya i know what texas rigged is. the part i was unclear on was the need for a swivel. and for some reason i was thinking a zulu was some sort of creature bait.(in which case i would texas rig with a bullet weight). but after reading this post over and a little research i realize its a jerk bait which would make sense. im headed up to bass pro shop wednsday, ill most likely pick some up
  11. I've looked at all the bait shops, including wally world, in Troy and Piqua as well as Dick's and Gander Mountain in Huber Heights. Nobody carries them in stock. They're put out by Strike king and are part of their 3X soft bait line. If you find them could you post back and let me know?

  12. Any one SOUTH of Dayton ever have any luck with these.

    I have had as much luck fishing Zulu's as I have had trying to fish a Tube.:(
    Which is I have been :S all year long on any Tube.

    Maybe, soft plastics just don't work south of Dayton!?!:confused:

    Any Ideas or Tips???
  13. maybe your not fishing tubes right? i live in centerville and fish this area quite a bit and i throw tubes all day long and pull smallmouth out of my butt. i just take a jig head and shove it inside and poke the eyelit out and tie it up, then cast out and drag it slowly on the bottom. youll end up prolly losing a few jigs because of it not being weedless and all, but its a much more natural presentation. QueticoMike is the one to answer the zulu question, i have yet to cross that path.
  14. Zulu and "Z too" are the same lure except the Z too has a split tail. They both work just fine.