GMR Report (10-05-04)!!!

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  1. Went the great miami tonight and did really well, caught an 8lb channel cat, and a 26lb flathead, all on live goldfish. Also missed another great run, who knows what that could have been. Seems like the bite is picking up, man it was really cold tho, probably 39 degrees. I posted 3 good pics of the 26 lb flatty, and 1 pic of the channel!

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    Great job, are you over there in Hamilton?

  3. WOW, That thing is a PIG! Nice catch!
  4. yeah , I was at the hamilton dam last night, the fish are really satcked up there right now.
  5. Good job,nice fish!!
  6. whoa man i live in hamilton im gonna go this fri night hopefully they are still there to catch
  7. I fished the heck out of the dam last week and threw everything in the world at the cats, couldn't buy a even a nibble. Congrats on your catch.
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    Awesome fish! That channel looked like he was stuff! Getting ready for winter I guess!