GMR, post rain flatties

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  1. hit the GMR this afternoon trying to beat the approaching cold front. was kinda slow on the flatties but the channel cats were going nuts, caught about 12 big ones but also was getting tore up by the dinks. then the rain came and proceeded to drench us for about an hour. GF wanted to leave but i convinced her to hang in there for the "post rain bite". shortly after the rain quit things picked back up again this time the flatties were hitting. Vick got a 17 abd a 14, then a later got a big one. the batteries went dead in my scale in between the her last and my fish so i couldnt get a weight on "Big Boy" but i am guessing somewhere in the lower-mid 30's. also, once again had another big one hooked but it was in a snag and while trying to pull him out he snapped my leader:( . about 1230-1am the bites all stopped and on the way home wind was picking up blowing from the north so it was no doubt over for the night. had no live bait this time, took some frozen shad from the freezer. all fish were caught 8-15ft deep in heavy current.
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    very nice. congrats

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    great looking fish, good job. looks like you are on them now
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    Good job man. I'm starting to get the itch again to start going back out. Will you be my guide? :)
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    dink your year has went from crap, to great!