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  1. Went Friday night after work, did a quick 2 hour float down the GMR with a buddy. We caught 14 smallmouth. I caught my 7 on a pearl colored zulu and my buddy caught all of his with a black buzz bait. We got 2 fish that were 15 inches, the rest were what we call " river fish", not so big, but they bend the rod. Like my old college roommate would say "better than a sharp stick in the eye":)
    Floated a strecth on late Sat. afternoon, where I haven't really fished hard in awhile. Don't know what was going on, maybe the wrong place at the wrong time, but I only managed one hammer handle pike in about 2 hours of fishing. I caught that one on a zulu as well. Another buddy of mine was using a bright green rebel craw and all he caught were 2 smallies that weren't even 5 inches long, a rock bass, and a small sucker.
    Later in the afternoon took some kids pond fishing for bluegills. They caught a couple dozen quickly and one largemouth about pound or so, using wax worms. I kept a lot of the bluegils to use as cut bait for catfishing in the GMR Sat. night.
    Decided to try a new spot to catfish Sat. night. The first fish I catch is a smallmouth that went almost 2 pounds. You don't catch too many smallmouth with cut bait. Got that one right before dark. Here I am fishing for smallies in the afternoon and I catch none and then I go catfishing and I catch a decent one. Who knows? I had a lot of bites right at first, but I kept missing most of the hits. The fresher the cut bait, the more likely it was to get hits. Only managed one channel cat about 3 pounds around 9 PM. Fished until about 10.
    Went out Sunday morning for an hour, just casting from shore with a zulu. Caught 5 smallmouth. 2 were around 12 inches. Had about a 15 incher chase in one of the 12 inch bass trying to take the zulu out of it's mouth.

    Hopefully things will begin to heat up soon with the temps changing this week.
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    Wow,busy wknd! Nice rpt.
    Witing for the temps to drop too,maybe a lil rain would be nice also.TC1

  3. How do you rig the zulu? I fish mostly the gulp minnows which are pretty much the same thing with an 1/8 jig head. But they are so delicate, if you get one or two fish they are toast. How do the zulus hold up?
  4. I had an article published about zulu fishing in the Boundary Waters Journal this year, if you send me an email address, I can forward it to you. Basically I use a 1/0 worm hook (red), you bring the point of the hook through the nose and run it up to the elbow of the hook. Then you twist the lure around so the point of the hook is below the belly of the lure. There is a slot in the belly, push the hook through the lure so the hook tip sits on top of the lure in the small indentation. This lure is now virtually weedless. Then I tie on about an 8 inch leader of line and tie a size 3 swivel to the other end. If you don't use a swivel, then you will have a lot of problems with line twists. The swivel also keeps the lure from being on top of the water. The lure works just below the surface and I have found better hook up ratio with it being just below the surface compared to top water. Then you just tie the other end of the swivel to your line and you are ready to go. Once you have it rigged, throw it a few feet out and twitch it a couple of times so you can make sure it is working properly. It should have a "walk the dog" dying flutter action. I normally work it slow with a methodical twitch-twitch- pause action. When you feel the tell tale sign of the little tick, similar to a jig hit, give it a second and then set the hook, just like top water I've seen too many fish missed due to setting the hook too soon. Let me know if you want a copy of that article or if this information is sufficient.
  5. I forgot to mention, these lures last and last, they practically regenerate themselves after each catch. They are made out of a new compound called elaztech, unlike any other soft plastic bait I've ever used. I've actually caught 50 smallmouth on one lure.
  6. thanks, I really need to try these out, 50 fish! and yes very good description on the rigging.