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  2. I've only started fishing the GMR this year and I have caught bigger (although not much bigger).

  3. I watched the video and obviously that guy must not fish the GMR or know anyone who does much I have caught many small mouth bigger than that one from downtown area :)
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    Must be nice to have one of those electro-shock rigs!

    The guy does make a good point that the fish may be 10 years old or older, catch and release is a good thing. I disagree with him tho when he says there weren't fish like that there 40 years ago, i bet there were.
  5. I was wondering what they were doing. THere were three people in a jon boat and they had something haning off the front of the jon boat. I thought that mabey they were bow fishing except the thing on the front of the boat was sticking out around 4-6ft off the front. They were right at the 75 rt 4 Split. On the northbound side.
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    "I disagree with him tho when he says there weren't fish like that there 40 years ago, i bet there were."

    chrsvic, I respectfully disagree with your supposition. As one who cut his angling teeth fishing the GMR from Troy to Taylorsville 40 years ago, I assure you smallmouth of ANY size were extremely rare. The water quality in the late 60's wasn't even close to what we have today.
  7. i agree. nice smallie but that area of the GMR holds a lot of that size and has for many years. he must have been spending too much time in school and not fishing!;)
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    I'll back up Swiper on the fish in the gmr ,a lot more now than 40 yrs ago and waaayyyyy bigger. It used to be really bad,not that iot's great but a whole lot better'n what it was in the 60's,TC1
  9. My two Cents.
    The GMR is the most prolific Smallmouth fishery inshore in South western Ohio. Obviously Lake Erie is the capitol of the world. But inshore, I know alot of fishing holes and the GMR has produced great numbers of BIG smallies for close to ten years for me. LMR is great but just not the same size and quality(and Too Many Rock Bass). Anyone have any holes they think are better? You dont have to share locales just that you think you have a better smallie hole than the GMR? I doubt anyone can. At least in this region. I dont know about the Scioto and Cuyahoga and Etc. I would think rivers connecting to Erie should be better.
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    what about whitewater? I have heard good reports of smallies with size from there.
  11. I haven't kicked seined the GMR, however recently I checked the stomach contents of a white bass. It was packed full of stonefly nymphs. These are class one indicator species. Therefore the GMR seems to be in good shape in my area.
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    I think the GMR is a great river, and im thankful it doesn't get a ton of fishing pressure. My experience has been ive gotten larger smallmouth out of the Stillwater River. At least up north. South of Dayton, where the gmr takes on alot more water, it does seem to produce some really big fish - and thankfully, the fishery isn't tapped as hard as it could be. Once you get up around 3 lbs or so, i just don't think there are alot of smallies bigger.
  13. I've been catching big smallies for 20 years in Miami County on the GMR. I'm not getting 3 lb plus fish on every trip on the water but a couple of year now. When I was a lot younger and wading 3 or 4 nights a week I'd catch one or two very very nice smallmouth a week Spring to Fall. This is a great river to fish in right now. Add in the Saugeye element and this river has a lot going for it for sportfisherman in our area right now. And many times over the years myself or me and a bud will wade a stretch and hook 30+ fish in a few hours. I agree a lot with Lunkers post, it's been very prolific at least for me over the span of 20 years.
  14. I have heard very good fish tales about the Stillwater. I cannot give a fair judgement on that river. Just fished it a few times, one of my friends has property there and he swears to me it can compete. I would think alot of fish roam, it's all connected. Just never been at the right time I guess. Cannot fish all the rivers enough to really know them, thats what the forums all about, share experience.

    Ohio does have some really good smallmouth fishing all through the river and stream systems. It just gets overlooked because you cant take the big boats to alot of the best water. You can sure park and leg it to some good spots though.
  15. The GMR has ALOT of very nice fish in it. I have caught several in the 16-18 inch range with a PB going 19 inches. That fish in the video was a very nice fish but there are plenty of other fish in there that are bigger. I also thougt it was interesting that the guy in the video was reffering to the fish as "him" I would be willing to bet that the fish was a "she"!