GMR on 4/24/08

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  1. Fished around the St Rt 41 area from 7:00am-2:00pm. Caught 4 channel cats, kept 2. Caught around 2 dozen rock bass most were dinks and only kept 3 of them. Found some blue gills and kept a few of them. Only founda few dink smallies and no crappies:(

    The cats were hitting big minnows tightlined on the bottom. Rock bass were hitting minnows either on the bottom or under bobber, along with wax and small crawlers. Bluegills were hitting small crawlers and waxworms.

    River is clearing up and dropping. Still a little higher than i like it but im still able to catch em in my spots. Also water still a little cold for shorts and teeshirt wading, but once the sun came up it was all good.
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    cantsleep 3rd shift blues

    I hit the river in Middletown Thurs morning, river looked great, normal type of flow, good color and fairly clear. It was a beautiful morning except for not being able to manage more than two bites.:S