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gmr lowdam

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by pdiddy78, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. I went out to the GMR today near the low dam next to the DP&L plant. My uncle has had success catching walleye in the boils there. I was using a 1/4 oz. jig head with chartreuse 4" jig, also tried pink, orange, and white. Not sure if I was fishing right as it feels a little daunting down there right next to the swift current. Was wondering if anyone has had the same luck as my uncle. He told me what he did, but I just felt like i wasn't doing anything right. Water seemed a little high as they had opened the gate. It seemed like opposite the plant would be a better spot. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Which DP&L dam?? Tate Station by UD or down at Chatauqua? Neither have an active gate thet they open or close so high flows are just that. High flows. A few Saugeyes around all the GMR dams to be caught on twister tails, and yes, throwing in the boils is as good as tactic as any, if you didnt loose a jig on every 3rd or 4th cast, they you needed a heavier jig. the saugeyes are right on the bottom and thats where youll have to sacrifice a handful of jigs to reach them.


  3. I fish there all the time not with jigs though more or less twister tails and wally divers a good color to use would be fire tiger seems to produce well for me as for them being on the bottom not always true caught more in the middle of the water column then dragging twister tails across the bottom not to say they are not there i think it is just hit or miss they are everywhere plus the fast moving water keeps them moving shallow deep etc just keep at it you will catch em got to have confidence in your presentation i have had to cast to a spot as many as 15 to 20 times before producing a fish but good luck next time you go.........:)
  4. thanks for the feedback...I will have to go back at it again here soon. I said gate because that is what it looked like to me, I'm not sure of the proper term. But the water was flowing through it, rather than over the dam for about 50-60 feet of the dam. maybe just for overflow? and i definitely wasn't losing them at that clip, more like every 15-20 casts, so ill step up the jig head another size. Thanks again for the replies!
  5. the one down by UD
  6. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    that's not a gate,just a chunk of concrete that's missing from the lip of the dam.
    Salmonid's right,keep it on the bottom and probably will lose a few if you're in the zone.
    Try in lowlight conditions,evening or morning,they bite better then.
    They are'nt actually in the boil but right next to it and will smack your offering as it comes through.TC1
  7. would the side across from the plant be better fishing? It seemed like less current over on that side, but not sure if there are places to park. I went to that side behind the business building and didn't seem like much parking, and didn't want to be too far from my car.
  8. I did a lot of searching for access to that side one day and the only thing that I could find was on the right side of some sort of business building. I saw a guy park there and walk through the trees and when I went back to the other side he was there fishing. Haven't parked there. Don't know if I trust it or even if you are allowed to park next to that building.
  9. i have had a lot of luck with smallmouth on the side that you are talking about. but its not very safe according to an article in the dayton daily news saying it is a drug hot spot and there has been about 40 arrests on that block this year, but still good fishing if you want to risk it. i have parked in the mccdonalds truck parking or in the business parking lot as well
  10. SharkBait

    SharkBait Ooh Ha Ha

    Is there a good place to get boat on the GMR?
  11. There is a boat dock by the West Carrolton dam on hydraulic road.
  12. Catbasscrap, I though he asked if there was a "Good" place to put the boat on, I assumed he meant to actually "catch" some fish as I am sure others did as well, thats why no one answered.. 8^)

  13. SharkBait

    SharkBait Ooh Ha Ha

    Fish would be good, yes. I don't mind traveling upstream a little bit to find them.
  14. That's just me talking like I've fished it.