GMR level in Dayton?

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  1. At what level do you consider the GMR a “good” to float in the Dayton area?

    It is predicted to drop over the weekend, but I have no idea if the 26’ range is floatable. Or even more importantly, fishable.

    DTNO1:DAYTON 41: 26.2/: -0.2: 26.1 / 26.0 / 25.9 / M M

  2. There is a rock island that you can see from 75 north on the right just past Stanley Ave and I would say that the river is just about perfect for both right now. I use that as a gauge on water level, if you see about 20-30' of it which its at now its ready to go.

  3. Been fishing it the past week and it went up a little and then back down but it is just right to fish right now.
  4. I use that rock island all the time. :) Everyday to and from work. It's as reliable as it gets.
  5. i also use the rock islands (very small) that can be seen to the right off of rt35 going westbound by the old ST. Elizibeth hospital. once those rocks are xposed, oh yeah! BTW Rooster, stopped by the GMR this afternoon, its way down but still just a tiny bit of mud in it. not chocolate but not clear either.
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    Well,if rooster lived in dayton he could look at the island but since he does'nt it probably won't work as a "gauge" for when to fish.Going by the USGS gauges, look for a week+ after a significant rain event of 18" or more to clear to a fishable level.A foot or less of rain can clear in 4-5 days. I've seen where 6" raise will not affect anything colorwise. As for cfs,you'd be looking for 600 cfs or less and a leveling of the gauges for at least 4-5 days or it'll running cloudy.Summer levels are usually less than what they are this year w/ all the rain. I'm headed out there as soon as I get off line here. There are some backwaters full of carp just waiting for my lil craw flies,TC1