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  1. So I was fishing in troy last night around the 41 bridge, i was fishing with a rebel crawdad crank bait and it seemed like i was getting some saugeye bites but i couldn't set the hook on any of them. Somehow i managed to snag one in the stomach, which was my first one. I had two others that i got right up to my feet then they came undone, is this common with saugeye, are they harder to set the hook on, or am i doing something wrong? i would really appreciate any tips, thanks
  2. are your hooks sharp? I have never had a problem landing fish once they are hooked and the sageye for me have always nailed the bait hard. I would say just check your hooks. they may be dull.

  3. I guess that is possible, i did find an xps crankbait on that bank that had washed up from the high water, and i did lose one fish on that lure, so the hooks probably weren't the greatest, but the other lure was brand new. i guess i was thinking that because saugeye dont look like they have a meaty mouth like bass do. i'm going back tonight, and hopefully i'll do better
  4. Went back to the same spot last night, caught one saugeye and a smallmouth, both 12" at the most, the water is not as deep as it looked in that spot, so I think i will be doing some more exploring later. I did have my lure bitten off by a fish, which was pretty exciting because as i was walking back to my tacklebox, i saw it floating in the water in front of me, pretty good luck i think.
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    Not too many fish in GMR that bite through your line, possibly a pike.
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    Thats what i was thinking cause Ive had it happen to me a couple of times, the pike are rare but there are still some larger ones in there. Ill be out at 41 tonight trying to get some smallies.
  7. Id be glad if it was a pike, i really want to catch one this year
  8. A saugeye would have no problem cutting thruogh your line either. they have sharp teeth too. But I know that there are pike in the area so who knows.