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    Never have I fished the GMR but i have head a lot of reports of some successful saugeye fishing around the miaimisburg area. I could use some advice on where I can find some productive public access. I don't need any "honey holes", just point me in the right direction.

    Please Help...need to cure the itch and get a rod back in my hand.
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    I stopped by the dam across from the powerplant (the intersection of Dayton-Cincinnati Pike and Shepard Road) two weeks ago and it looked very convenient. There was only one person fishing, but it looks like a place that is likely to get hammered.

    Does anyone know if they pump warm water there?

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    Don't know that area but if it's anything like up north just find a hole below low head dam or any hole below a shallow ripple. Bite is going to get better as sun is going down all the way through early morning. Curly tail jigs work well as do husky jerks if fished slow enough. Bite turns on and off rapidly for no reason so don't get discouraged if nothing hits for long periods of time.
  4. Moraine and W. Carrolton are supposed to be really good and I believe you're just south of them. There is a dam in W. Carrolton.
    Look at MSN live maps and find an outside curve on the river and you'lll probably find some deep spots.
  5. I was at Fisherman's Quarters in Dayton buying bait this fall and was given three really great maps one each of the Mad, Stillwater and GMRs. They were published in 2006 by the Miami Conservancy District. GMR map covers the entire GMR from Indian Lake to the Ohio. The Mad and Stillwater maps are also complete in coverage showing dams, boat ramps, parks, etc. They are on good quality paper. I would highly recommend getting these maps if you want to fish these rivers. The best part is the maps were free.
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    Great info/tip on the maps, thanks
  7. Warm water is pumped out the opposite side of the Miamisburg dam by the plant but it is owned by DPNL over there and you can't access the shore but I heard that if you get your boat up in there it's nice.
  8. I have had the canoe over at the discharge but in reality its not a discharge and the steam is really just mist that is sprayed straight down to keep flotsom and debrie from entering the intake there, its kinda deep but never caught any fish there. Not sure where the water comes out but what you see is the intake.

  9. this is true about the intake of DPNL that keeps debree from getting sucked in, they use the water to cool the plant and if you see smoke coming out of the two stacks then normally they are pulling a lot of water. Then the water is discharged on the other side of the dam and about 20 yards from the west bank there is a underwater point. As the river cools and the warm water comes out, the shad stay there. and if you are not afraid and you trust your trolling motor you can have a great time. This is the same theory at the Ohio River, but there power plants are much larger and normally generates more water. Walleye, Smallmouth, pretty much anything that swims lives there. if you tempt this make sure you are wearing a life jacket, have fun and BE SAFE!!!!!
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    Not to be a word nazi ,but ,that would be "debris".TC1
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    Are you talking above the dam? What about below it?
  12. Tim, yeah, I was talking about what you see about 100 yards up from the dam, as posted the water comes out right below the dam but even in the coldest of times, I have never seen any steam off that water so I am not sure if its really a wwd or not, I know folks think it is but until I get over there and wet wade it in Feburary, I cant be sure..... Anyway you look at it, there is no bank access and youd better own a large pair of em to get that close by boat. ;)

    I do know where a few other WWD are though, if your up this way I could show you them. Most have a large number of typical smaller GMR carp (3-8 lbs)

  13. I grew up in that area and as a young and dumb teenager we used to take a boat over to that discharge and actually stand on the concrete that is right there.:( Not to smart I know now but we used to catch literally hundreds of small channel cats in that discharge. I would not not suggest ever getting that close but you can anchor downstream of that and still catch quite a kittys. Just make sure you have a sharp knife to cut anchor incase a log comes over the dam and catches your rope.

    As far as saugeyes in that area I have caught few on the riffle/run area that is just downstream of the dam. I haven't been there in close to ten years now but I had alot of fun there as a kid.