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  1. hey guys !! Are the saugeye biting in the river behind the university yet? thanks
  2. fished it twice last week and got one... its slow we need a flood to bring the fish out of the lakes.

  3. fished it twice last week also only got one saugeye and a sauger
  4. ScottB

    ScottB SW Ohio

    They are hit or miss. One night I caught 3 including a 4 lber and a couple nights later it was just 1. A friend of mine caught 8 one night then got skunked later in the week. If they do turn on, it seems to be about an 1/2 hour after sundown.

    I agree that some rain would bring some more up stream.
  5. No luck at lunch at the lower dam. Ran curly jigs and rooster tail for about an hour. One small fish hit the rooster but quickly got off. Thought it was going to be more overcast today...sure was windy.
  6. caught three saugeye yesterday and two carp, one eye was around 3lbs. but with the wind blowing it was chilly