GMR Hamilton Dam

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by browneye, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. I went to the dam with the 3 sections in Hamilton today as I had been told that it's god fishing. When I got there I saw two guys out in the water wasit deep literally pulling fish out one after another. Looked like they were using minnows. Question for those that may have fished there, how did they get out to the middle of the river like that? I couldn't find a place to cross as the water looked too deep to walk across to get out there? I of course got skunked fishing from the bank. It was tough watching those guys nail it. Also fished some areas on the 4-Mile Creek about a mile up the road from the dam on the GMR. A few smallies, nothing to write home about.
  2. Just curious, could you tell what kind of fish they were?

  3. was it the black street dam by the facotry or the one below Columbia bridge across from Miami U?
  4. by the factory. couldn't really tell. they looked like bass, but on the smaller size. could have been cats though as they had a basket full of fish.
  5. I was down there Thursday, with the water level, it would be hard to find your way, but if you go back when the water is down you will see how they were out that far. They have build a flat that goes across the river and you can get to it from the park. The equipment sitting in the river is on a "road" that goes to 127.
  6. interesting. i waited a while to see if they would come back out so I could see where they crossed but all they did was come up to that sand bar like area and start netting more minnows or something. i would have loved to be out there. they were slaying the fish.