GMR - Hamilton area info

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  1. Can anyone give me some information about this area on the GMR?

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  2. This might help ya some im not really familiar with fishing that far down but u can access update aerial mapping and such on this site. Contours, Owner information, aerial photos(if there good photos you can see underwater structure very well too). hope this helps.

  3. I have only put my boat in once there. You can run a 2 or 3 miles up the river before you hit too shallow water. There is a creek the feeds in a mile or so up the river. Also a RR overpass with smome rock around. the depths vary from about 15-20 feet in the middle to 5 feet on the bank to 1 ft in some places. I fushed it last summer for a few hours adn caught a few small Bass but nothing to brag about. It looks like it should have some pretty good Smallmouth. Launching the boat is not too har there although there is no dock to tie off to. I just landed my boat on teh sandy shore there when loading or unloading. Hope this helps.
  4. Excuse my typing on the previous message. I was rushing before the boss came back in the office.