GMR Hamilton 4/17/2008

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Weatherby, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Took a few days off work to FINALLY get some fishing in. Went to CC yesterday with no luck (water still muddy) So today we went to the GMR.

    1st stop this morning the "new" dam (across from Miami University) and the fire department was doing river rescue training so we went to the Black Street dam. Caught 2 smallies and 2 largemouths. The biggest largemouth was about 15-16 inches long the biggest smallie was probably 12-13 inches long. All fish caught on crankbaits.

    Took the afternoon off and went back at it this evening.

    Back to the "new" dam got there about 6:30pm only one other person fishing.
    Not one bite until 8:00. Thats when I got my only bite of the evening and my first Fish Ohio of 2008. Beautiful saugeye 22" long.

    Will post pics as soon as I transfer from my cell phone.

  2. Nice catch Weatherby. I grew up not to far from there in east Hamilton. (corner of east ave. and edison) Just below the dam is some really good action. I'd say over the years I probablly lost 500 dollars worth of rooster tails and small jigs. LOL. Have caught numerous solid 3-4lbs smallies. Way to go. Do you drive a red short bed chevy?
  3. Thanks, and I think I have lost at least that much tackle there also. If the river ever goes way down I think I could fill 5 tackle boxes. lol

    No, not me in a red Chevy. Usually there in a Chrysler.