GMR Freak Channel cat 12-20

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  1. took advantage of the high muddy water and done some 'cattin today in the Miamisburg area of the GMR, first cat trip for me since mid november. was getting bites fairly steady for about 2 hrs, missed a bunch and caught about 10 fish. was using small chunks of frozen shad on circle hooks fished right off bank in 3-4ft of water. fish were really slow biting, resembled the "turttle taps" you get from softshells. all fish were between 1-5lb, had a really BIG one i guesstimated close to 10lb that snapped my hook off when i tried to pull it up a steep mud bank. also caught my first "Humpback" channel. i call them humpbacks but they actually have a disorder called "Lordosis", something like Scoliosis and causes a curvature of the spine. i myself and friends have caught quite a few Flatheads with this disorder but this was the first time i seen a channel with it.
  2. I have caught a few catfish covered with a bunch wierd looking spots that must have been some type of disease or something but I have never seen one curved like that.

  3. Cool!! Great trip report, I wished i could have joined ya but had honey-do's to do...
    next time, perhaps.
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    Lordosis is an affliction of animals w/ "lordotic" spines. That would be a spine w/ an inward or concave curvature ,such as a horse or a human.
    Looks to me like lil' dude got munched when he was small and escaped but had his body permanantly disfigured.
    Still a good day for this time of year,congrats. That's more fishing than I've done in a while.merry x-mas,TC1
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    great gonna have to try the Tusc River for some winter channels SOON !!!!!
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    i have caught several largemouth like that, never knew what it was, or caused it.

  7. Never heard of it but sure does look strange!
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    Looks like a large Shovelhead chomped down and broke it's back.
  9. My fishing buddy from Miami Co caught one like that a few years was the first like that I'd seen (your pic is the second). We had some interesting discussion trying to figure out the cause. Herron, Turtle, genetic?
    Thanks for the post and report...good info!
    BTW - really enjoyed your ice report last winter.
  10. I have never caught a catfish with the humpback, but I have caught a lot of bluegill and crappie at Indian Lake near Long Island with a genetic defect that makes the tail look like it got broken. The first few I caught, I just chalked up to turtles or being chomped on by a large fish, but after catching several dozen that looked like that over the past couple of years, I realized it must either be genetic or a response to some contaminant.