GMR Flatheads?

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  1. Hey guys, I was just wondering where are some good spots ( Close to New Carlisle, Tipp City, area ) where there are a good number of flats. I just started fishing the river about a year ago, and have fell in love with it. Ive been catching smallies, channel and saugeye around the tipp area. I know I read where someone said they're not really this far North on the river. I'm not asking for a certain spot ( that ship has sailed lol ). Just a general area. Hoping to find a place within 20-30 minutes. All help is appreciated. Thank you

  2. i hope we can find a place i love the river to lol even though

  3. i really cant help you that far north, farthest north i have fished is at taylorsville dam. they are in there i know, seen a few caught but never targeted them there. also try up in piqua if it isnt too far for ya. there is a really nice "flooded" stretch there in town that looks really good. anyone know if there is a public ramp up there on the GMR?
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    Try farther south. There are a few up that way, but its mostly channels that far north. I have caught some big channels right outside of Troy though, a couple around 10 lbs. I've always had success with cut suckers or chubs.