GMR Flatheads

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  1. I have noticed that there are some very experienced Flathead fishermen doing quite well on the GMR. Are you guys (and gals) keeping the fish or releasing them? If you are keeping them, any danger of over-harvest?
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    I think most of the Flathead fishermen here are strictly catch and release...And yes if they were keeping all of them, overharvest would be an issue.

  3. H2O Mellon

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    C&R 100% on all cats, not like I catch many :rolleyes:

    I honestly cant remember when the last time I've ever kept anything fish. It's had to have been years. I'm goign to have a hard time keeping eyes from Erie when I go out.
  4. 100% catch and release!
  5. Glad to hear everyone understands the importance of C & R. I haven't kept a fish in 25 years or so. Don't even carry a stringer.
  6. CPR (Catch, Photo, Release)…….I need proof!
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    Rooster, your right a photo is a must. I didnt have a camera w/ me when I caught my PB GMR Smallie, 20 1/2 inches. That may not be exact, did the finger thing.
  8. I would never keep anything out of the GMR with the intent of eating it. I fish the GMR from Hamilton down..

    If it were a state or world record I would keep it. :rolleyes:
  9. Rooster, I agree. Photo a must for 5lb smallies, 30lb flatheads, 8lb saugeyes, 3lb crappies, etc. Seeing is believing!
  10. Photos are nice but not needed for me to applaud someones C & R...
    That said there are many low end digi cameras that can take quality photos for under a 100 bucks... Some people can't afford the $$$ and I can understand that I just bought my first dig cam a couple 3 weeks ago...
    I also enjoy good photos too :D so please post them when you have them...