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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by chris1162, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. chris1162

    chris1162 team flatty

    was out for about 5 hours. i caught 6 smallies (all dinks), 4 large mouths,
    and a couple rock bass. i caught most of them on a jig tipped with minnows.
    the sun was nice today. does any one else fish downtown dayton much?
  2. nice job chris, you got my number man give me a call lets go catfishin

  3. my friend lives behind white-allen. so sometimes we fish the riverside bridge
  4. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    Yeah,all the time. Good stretch of river,get some nice bass outta there as well as saugeyes.TC1
  5. fshnteachr

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    Floating in a kayak or bank fishing??
  6. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    fish'nteach,I'm not sure a gal is safe anywhere these days by herself but the GMR through DD is not well travelled by much of anybody,esp by anything other than fisherfolks and the local critters(possum,geese etc...).Never had any problems down there or seen anything I ever thought would or could be.It's good from steele dam all the way to the low dam by the old DP&L powerplant. Slower water gives up some nice crappie right now and a yak could'nt hurt but I usually just wade/bankfish.TC1
  7. I often fish at Steele dam and there are plenty of undesireables there. (Druggies, homeless and picklers) I quickly get set up and head out into the water where i feel safe, leaving the car there is another issue, I personally have never had any issues there but a friend got broken into , that was durring a softball game when there was plenty of folks around too. Go figure.
  8. I agree about steele dam. I fished there only three times. Good fishing. Loads of fun fishin them rocks for smallies. Twice I went during softball games and parked right by the fields. Makes me kinda nervous to have a guy that has not shaved or showered for ????, walk directly towards me while I am alone. Everything was fine every time. Just not too trusting of vagrant looking strangers approaching me(even if only for a light). I have heard the problem with safety arrives from Parkside Housing Project about a quarter mile away. No offense to anyone, just passing along what "I" heard. There are bad areas all over the GMR, just comes with the urban environment. Still I have read more about auto break-ins in the rural areas. Obviously, muggings/attacks/confrontations are more likely in the cities. Always be careful, but fish where you feel safe. That river is long and there are good fish in every pool.
  9. Two words "concealed carry". I still need to get mine. I know I don't feel comfortable catfishing at night by myself and I would not do it alone downtown.
  10. Just remember, MCD ( Miami Conservancy District) properties allow no "firearms" ;) a small technicallity....

  11. Thats the only thing thats made me shy away from fishing downtown by myself. With what i do, i sure dont want to be caught by an x-inmate exspecially over by parkside.

    On the CCW permit issue. If your floating the river would you be able to carry? Since you technicly not on the bank?
  12. i am almost 100% positive that that rule is no longer valid sine ccw came into effect. i have been check 3 times now by the game warden and metro-rangers for my liscense downtown and after informing them i was carrying and had a permit they never said a word. they must be too cheap to update the signs;)