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    Hit some of the WWD's on the GMR yesterday in the snow and sleet. I felt like I should be steelhead fishing w/ the snow all flying about but it was warmwater spp I was after. I tied on a small black, weighted bug of about 2" that usually takes almost anything and w/ it being cold I knew they probably were'nt looking for a big chase so I crawled it across the bottom of some of the outflows on the river. Some of them were fairly boiling w/ fish,unfortunately most were either shad or carp and most all of the carp were just cruising aimlessly and not feeding actively. The lil black bug did'nt get any hit's so I switched up to a small sparkley minnow in white when I saw some minnies gettin' busted and hooked up on 3 casts in a row w/ something silvery that shook off before I could get more'n a few feet of gain on them. That was it for that discharge and I moved on to another one. There was a 6-7 lb carp feeding actively around the edges well back into the channel and took on my first presentation of the lil minnie and ran back to the river but refused to enter the main current,electing instead to duke it out in the warm outflow and I eased her up on the bank after a spirited tussle.
    In spite of what seemed like good conditions to fish it never did light up and the fish just were not feeding like I had hoped.
    It was still good to get a nice bend in the rod and hear my drag running even if I did'nt tear 'em up,TC1
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    I assume WWD = warm water discharges? There used to be one down below the dam at the DP&L Tait station, i think it was called. I haven't fished those in ages, look forward to the water clearing up some more here.