GMR Channel Cattin'

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  1. I did 2.5 hours of channel cat fishing today and landed around 20 channel cats between 8" to 18". All of these were caught be freelining nightcrawlers in the fast current. This was done after daybreak. I wasn't able to get into fish of any size. Only a handful of smallmouth were seen jumping. I found one spot where there were numerous small carp sucking scum off the top of the water.
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    That is alot of fun fishin that way. I've probably caught more fish that way than any other way. Todds Fork Creek in Morrow is a great place to free line for channels..............CATKING

  3. Freelining nightcrawlers is the way to go for channels in the GMR. When I see all of those empty containers of chicken liver, it makes me want to laugh. (I wish people would throw their trash away!)
  4. How do you free line a nightcrawler.I've never used worm before.for catfish. I use livers most of the time.AN YES I PICK UP MY TRASH .I've had good luck on livers on the GMR. Most of the fish are over 20".I fish in the tipp city area.I'm allways up to trying new ways of fishing .