GMR Channel cat fever!

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by GMRcatman, Dec 20, 2008.

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    I was planning on fishing for saugeye again Friday a.m., but when I saw the water up and moving I decided to try for some channels ( I have been neglecting my beloved whiskered friends). First spot I tried where the water was up and formed a back eddy gave up 7 cats. Most were 2-5#, with two going over 5. Ran out of fresh cut shad so I had to resort to frozen shad and skipjack. Nada. The kitties did not want to touch the frozen stuff, then the wind really kicked up so I called it a day. Can't wait for the next warm spell and high water to turn them back on.
  2. makes me feel good knowing i wasnt the only "NUT" out there today lol. i was catching channels fairly steady as well, quit about 3pm. i just made a post about my trip today as well.

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    sorry i couldn't make it man, had to go spend money :(
  4. Well, nice to hear you did good catman, when are we going to hit the water for some trout?;)